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ROFL: Mama Buzz put a skeleton gnome in the middle of her very sickly mum plant. I imagine her saying, “My work here is done.” Soooo funny!!

2018_10 09 Skeleton gnome w sick mum

WE MUST VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER: Ben Shapiro’s video and article summarize the filth and hypocrisy of today’s Democratic Progressive Left and the urgent necessity for all of us who love America to vote REPUBLICAN in November.

JUSTICE PREVAILED: “After one of the most intense political fights of the last two decades, Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has become Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the United States Supreme Court. This is a good thing for the integrity of our Constitution, for elementary American norms, and for the long-term health of our political institutions.” – The National Review editorial board

THE REAL STORY: Justice Kavanaugh “will be an impartial, rather than a political, justice. He believes that the law, not his personal views or priorities, should decide the cases that come before him. Justice Kavanaugh is committed to the defined, modest role for the judiciary that America’s founders made part of their design for our system of government.” – Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Fellow Thomas Jipping

INDEPENDENTS: A new CNN/SSRS poll found that independent voters overwhelmingly disapproved of the way Democrats handled the Kavanaugh confirmation. Disapprove 58% vs. Approve 30%.

SPEAKING OF FILTH AND HYPOCRISY: Tucker Carlson says, This isn’t a zombie movie. This is Washington DC 2018.” Also, These people are not liberals.”

GORKA: ‘Here’s What’s Wrong With The Democratic Party’ – “The Democrats have no platform. They have no leadership. They have no message.”

SHAMELESS: Chuck Schumer tweeted, “Women across the country came together around this nomination to say #MeToo, to stand up against sexual abusers and harassers. And all Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Republican leaders have to say to them is that they’re a mob. Disgraceful.”

No, Chuck, the disgrace is the way you and your thugs abused a GOOD MAN and those of us who have ACTUALLY been sexually assaulted for nasty, petty, political ends. I hate, Hate, HATE that you are my senator.

2018_10 09 Speak for women by Terrell

RAND PAUL’S WIFE: “I sleep with a loaded gun by my bed.”

WHY ALL THE SECRECY: An audio recording was tweeted in which a Democrat organizer tells her bus load of carpetbagging protesters not to mention that they’re from out of town and can’t legally vote for the candidate. The fact they have to bus people in suggests maybe their Blue Wave thing is a myth.

2018 Red wave

FOX NEWS: Proof of FISA abuse in Trump campaign Russia probe wiretap case

GOOD: The pro-abortion man who violently roundhouse-kicked a pro-life advocate during a peaceful protest has been arrested.

John Adams on Christianity


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  1. Whoa. So many posts on PN today I had to scroll down to a 2nd page on the front page (sounds funny) to find the first one of the day.


  2. The mums, they don’t last forever. Mine of several years finally kicked the bucket this year.

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