California in Middle America

My state is like California, only with really bad weather a lot of the time. I work in a convenience store surrounded by Section 8 apartments. A huge percentage of our customers live on welfare. They get paid the first of the month, cash their checks, and keep it in their pockets. None of them have bank accounts because of creditors and court-ordered child support contempt citations. Last night I had a parade of people paying for little cigars nicknamed ‘blunts’, because they replace the tobacco with marijuana, with $20 bills. 70% of our customers buy them. They also make small purchases and pay with 20s, 50s, and 100s. We’re $200 billion in unfunded pension benefits and they’re taxing businesses out of the state.USDA: Illinois May Face Significant Fines for Over-Issuing Food Stamps
Federal officials say the state ignored reporting requirements for a large portion of the SNAP caseload and issued food stamps to people who were not supposed to receive them under federal law between November 2017 and January.

It’s how they keep these people voting for them.

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