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MASCOTS: Please pray for Marine 2. He’s back in NICU. :(“`

CATCHING UP: I’ve been laid up for most of the week with a muscle spasm that made it too painful to sit up. Me and my ice pack …. La la  la. I’ve read what Pete posted and slogged through the most recent of my backlog of news emails … then gave up and deleted the rest.

BEARS REPEATING: Pete posted these, but here they are again.

WILL WONDERS NEVER CEASE: Much to the surprise and joy of pro-life advocates, California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a controversial bill Sunday that would have forced colleges to provide free abortion drugs to students on campus.

PREPARING FOR ROE TO BE OVERTURNED: When Roe and Doe are overturned, the power to legislate abortion will return to the states, which is where it was before SCOTUS stuck its activist nose in. Some states (like mine) have scoured their old laws to make sure nothing anti-abortion survives. Others are strengthening the rights of the pre-born. In 2014, Tennessee voters approved Amendment 1 to the state Constitution, allowing the state to pass abortion restrictions. On Monday, SCOTUS refused to hear a last-ditch appeal by abortion activists, meaning the amendment stands!

INNOCENT: Sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell carefully reviewed all the evidence and has released a report in which she completely exonerates Kavanaugh.

PRAGER U: Feminism makes us less happy and less free.


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