A Word of Warning Sure to Be Ignored

Dems about to pay dearly in November for grossly overplaying Kavanaugh hand

Democrats may be feeling a smug sense of triumph over the circus they have unleashed in the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh but one member of the Party warns they will paying the price in November.

“The only hope was to find or create a horrific allegation against Kavanaugh and leak it to the press just before a final vote. The accusation didn’t need to be accurate or verifiable, of course. Democrats simply needed a dramatic distraction and subsequent delay,” Wright continued.

“In other words, weaponizing and politicizing sexual assault could shore up a Blue Wave and maybe turn it into a Blue Tsunami.”

But Wright noted that, contrary to the progressives’ hopes, the tide has not drowned Kavanaugh or swept Ford to undisputed victory. In fact, Americans are split just as Democrats are shamelessly “weaponizing and politicizing sexual assault.”

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