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Bits & Bytes

MASCOTS: Please pray for Marine 2. He’s back in NICU. :(“`

CATCHING UP: I’ve been laid up for most of the week with a muscle spasm that made it too painful to sit up. Me and my ice pack …. La la  la. I’ve read what Pete posted and slogged through the most recent of my backlog of news emails … then gave up and deleted the rest. Continue reading

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Page Turner or Stomach Turner

This is an absolutely pathetic sop to the former messiah, Barackbygodobamaallpraisehisname, by a columnist for that famous fish wrap, the New York Slimes. I could hardly read this sycophantic tome and I doubt you could.

Review: ‘To Obama, With Love, Joy, Anger, And Hope’ by Jeanne Marie Laskas
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Man Eater Skeeters

Invasion of the MONSTER mosquitos: North Carolina resident captures horrifying moment a swarm of the giant bugs from the Hurricane Florence floods surround her car while stuck inside with her daughter

A plague of monster mosquitoes descended on North Carolina in recent weeks, spawned from floodwaters left behind by Hurricane Florence.

Resident Cassie Vadovsky returned home from picking her four-year-old daughter up from school last Tuesday, when an army of the blood-sucking insects swarmed the family’s vehicle and left the pair trapped inside for some time. Continue reading

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California in Middle America

My state is like California, only with really bad weather a lot of the time. I work in a convenience store surrounded by Section 8 apartments. A huge percentage of our customers live on welfare. They get paid the first of the month, cash their checks, and keep it in their pockets. None of them have bank accounts because of creditors and court-ordered child support contempt citations. Last night I had a parade of people paying for little cigars nicknamed ‘blunts’, because they replace the tobacco with marijuana, with $20 bills. 70% of our customers buy them. They also make small purchases and pay with 20s, 50s, and 100s. We’re $200 billion in unfunded pension benefits and they’re taxing businesses out of the state. Continue reading

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Trump Campaigns for Marsha Blackburn

President Trump is the best, indeed the ONLY one who can make a difference for Republicans in tight races.
He held a rally for Republican senatorial candidate Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee. There was an overflow crowd of thousands wanting to get in to see him. I have posted a number of short videos in the reply section where he hits Pelosi and Blumenthal and calls her opponent a tool of Chuck U. Schumer.
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A Word of Warning Sure to Be Ignored

Dems about to pay dearly in November for grossly overplaying Kavanaugh hand

Democrats may be feeling a smug sense of triumph over the circus they have unleashed in the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh but one member of the Party warns they will paying the price in November.

“The only hope was to find or create a horrific allegation against Kavanaugh and leak it to the press just before a final vote. The accusation didn’t need to be accurate or verifiable, of course. Democrats simply needed a dramatic distraction and subsequent delay,” Wright continued. Continue reading

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Manchin Pressured on Vote

Let’s be clear.  Joe Manchin is NOT a “moderate Democrat.” There is no such animal. The Obamacare vote proved that. They just come with different price tags. He always votes with his party unless given permission to pretend to have a conservative stance. He’s in a fight for his career and he knows it. If he votes against confirming Kavanaugh, he’s in trouble. That’s the real reason all this clown show is going on…delay the vote so Democrats won’t suffer for their treachery.
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No Better in Ting’s District

Our beloved Ting lives in Richmond, Virginia. Dave Brat is her representative. Brat’s Democrat opponent is just as slimy and repugnant as the rest of his party.

Workers For Democratic Opponent Leave Threatening Message For VA Republican Dave Brat

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This Is My Hometown

Rockford is the second most violent city in Illinois. We get a lot of our criminals from Chicago, which is an hour’s drive away. Overall, it’s a beautiful place, nickname The Forest City, but we have a goodly infestation of Democrats. Many whites have moved to suburban Machesney Park and Loves Park, where I live.

Republican Headquarters In Rockford, Illinois Vandalized With Word ‘Rape’

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