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Kavanaugh Nails It

Ford’s testimony was pathetic. She talked like she was 12 years old.
Kavanaugh’s opening statement was stunning. Calm, deliberate, just what a Supreme Court Justice should be.
He knows damn well what’s going on.
Kavanaugh: This Two Week Effort Has Been an Orchestrated Political Hit… Revenge on Behalf of the Clintons


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Lindsey Grows a Pair

Since McCain passed, Graham seems to have grown some backbone.
This is too good to wait to post, as I’m getting ready for work.

Graham slams Democrats, vigorously defends Kavanaugh


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A Democrat Con Job

Donald Trump: Democrats Running ‘A Big Fat Con Job’ Against Brett Kavanaugh
President Donald Trump blasted Democrats for running with last-minute accusations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh prior to his confirmation vote.

“They know it’s a big, fat con job,” he told reporters. “And they go into a room, and I guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what they pulled off on you and on the public.”

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Even Superman Isn’t Safe

Superman Actor Dean Cain Attacked by LGBTQ Mob

He’s just an actor…doesn’t matter to them.

“I’m not there to do anything other than discuss the film, Gosnell. And, Gosnell does not implicate any issue connected in any way with LGBTQ. So why the outrage? What does any of this have to do with gay issues?”
The LGBTQ mob transformed the movie promotion into a self-victimization demonstration. They made up claims about Dean Cain “bashing” gay people and making anti-LGBTQ “remarks.” The accusations were completely false. Cain did nothing of the sort.

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On What Planet, Punk?

David Hogg: I want to speak to Trump

This snot-nosed little twerp actually thinks he has the gravitas to want to speak with the president. He served his purpose and the left has moved on, so he’s missing the spotlight. Ya got two chances, Hoggy…fat and none. Slim left town.

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Is This the Hill They Die On?

From The American Thinker.

Ask yourself the following question: Is the repugnant and egregious behavior of the Democrats on Senate Judiciary Committee and their enablers the hill they want to die on? Is the hideous, unfounded, but well-coordinated attack on Judge Brett Kavanagh worth it, considering that President Trump may have the opportunity to nominate not one, but perhaps two more people to the Supreme Court during his tenure in the White House?
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Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

W. Virginia’s Decision to Allow Smartphone Voting for Midterms Raises Serious Security Concerns

Every Democrat has at least 3 Obama phones to vote with.
Real, real bad things will happen.
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One Rally the Media Will Surely Ignore

Women to Hold DC Rally IN SUPPORT of Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday at 8:30 AM

The Kavanaugh support rally is being organized by the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, who have also launched a Women for Kavanaugh bus tour.
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Democrats Counting Their Chickens

Donna Shalala Losing Steam in FL Congressional Race Democrats Thought Was Theirs

Why isn’t this vile leprechaun still touring the country in a pickup truck with Janet Reno?

“Democrats exulted when U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announced last year she was retiring. Because the Republican congresswoman’s district leans Democratic, one prominent Washington election watcher immediately labeled the race ‘lean Democratic,” the Miami Herald reported last week: No longer. Continue reading


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