The Worst Ex-President Derby

Will Obama overtake Carter?

In the worst president bout, Obama takes the gold because Jimmy Carter at least recognized his mistakes with Iran and at the end of his term increased defense spending, and showed some muscle with the Carter Doctrine, which put the world on alert that the U.S. would use military force to defend its interests in the Persian Gulf. Obama, without the nuclear-armed Soviet Union still fighting the Cold War, ended his second term with the disastrous Iran nuke agreement, and with Russia and Iran rampaging through Syria in support of a psychopathic autocrat.

Barack Obama has now decided to compete with Carter in the worst ex-president category. His speech last week at the University of Illinois went after Trump with more sustained criticisms than his prior occasional snarky sniping. His comments were a tired reprise of the usual whining from two years of NeverTrump complaints and media distortions.

Based on his first foray into rallying the base for November, Obama is on track to best Jimmy Carter in the worst ex-president derby. Stale talking points, rank hypocrisy, and revisionist history will persuade only the most die-hard Obama fans.

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