Pumpkin Spice Deposits Discovered

From the Babylon Bee.

Vast Swathes Of Pumpkin Spice Deposits Discovered Beneath Seattle

SEATTLE, WA—Miners working for Starbucks have confirmed an exciting discovery: vast swathes of pumpkin spice buried deep beneath the earth, just under the coffee company’s Seattle headquarters.

The valuable spice is thought to be deposited by giant, killer earthworms known to roam the rocks and dirt throughout the Pacific Northwest. The rare, mesmerizing substance reportedly glows an orangeish hue, and has been described by some as potentially addicting.


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3 responses to “Pumpkin Spice Deposits Discovered

  1. Been a half-century since I read Dune, but I think I recognize the reference! Something about “He who controls the Pumpkin Spice controls the universe.”

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  2. rednig

    Well, Seattle was a nice town, despite the liberalism. But, no worms. Geologists will point out Mt. Reinier. Ever note that reddish orange glow in some rocks and lava? When that concentrates below ground….