Everybody Is Roadkill

Pat Caddell: For Democrats, ‘Everybody Is Roadkill’ on Path to ‘Beat Kavanaugh’

“It is frightening how people’s lives are damaged, I mean, are thrown away,” stated Caddell. “Everybody is roadkill when it comes to their desire to succeed in their goal, which is to beat Kavanaugh, whether it destroys him, his family, whatever — whether the charges are real or spurious. … [This will cause] people to not want to be in public life. Who wants this done to them? All in the name of a political goal.”

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  1. [This will cause] people to not want to be in public life.

    Let’s see, eight years of rage against chimpy Bush, then eight years of Jug Ear’s admin’s active opposition, now two years of Trump Derangement turned up to elevensies – I think anybody who’s been watching realizes the kitchen is hot.

    We want people with thick enough hide, and trump-like confidence to stand the heat without breaking a sweat. No more wilting flowers.

    The bull elephant is not terribly disturbed by the yipping chihuahua puppies.


    What’s with me today, all agitated opinions and stuff? Frustrated, waiting for the tree service guy to not show up when he said he would to give us an estimate. Well, one down, two to go.

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