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Why do tech elites keep their own kids away from smartphones?

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Late Night Humor

Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Cutting Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Off If He’s Confirmed

ABC late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel took the stage on Tuesday and jokingly suggested that his “compromise” to the battle of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination is to chop off the judge’s “pesky penis,” should he be confirmed.

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Everybody Is Roadkill

Pat Caddell: For Democrats, ‘Everybody Is Roadkill’ on Path to ‘Beat Kavanaugh’

“It is frightening how people’s lives are damaged, I mean, are thrown away,” stated Caddell. “Everybody is roadkill when it comes to their desire to succeed in their goal, which is to beat Kavanaugh, whether it destroys him, his family, whatever — whether the charges are real or spurious. … [This will cause] people to not want to be in public life. Who wants this done to them? All in the name of a political goal.”

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What the Left Has Become

Group of Unhinged Leftists Chase Ted Cruz, Wife out of D.C. Restaurant

No boundaries on the left, they can pretty much do anything they want.

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The Worst Ex-President Derby

Will Obama overtake Carter?

In the worst president bout, Obama takes the gold because Jimmy Carter at least recognized his mistakes with Iran and at the end of his term increased defense spending, and showed some muscle with the Carter Doctrine, which put the world on alert that the U.S. would use military force to defend its interests in the Persian Gulf. Obama, without the nuclear-armed Soviet Union still fighting the Cold War, ended his second term with the disastrous Iran nuke agreement, and with Russia and Iran rampaging through Syria in support of a psychopathic autocrat.
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Note to Readers

My postings going forward will be sporadic due to my working full time nights at a gas station. By the time I get home I’m pretty tired, as any 68 year old man would be. I promised my wife I’d always provide for her. As long as I can walk, I intend to keep that promise.

The Messiah is back:
Obama Snaps At Young Rally Attendees: ‘I’m Talking To You! You! Pay Attention!’

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Dear Moderate Democrats

Dear Moderate Democrats: Your Party Has Completely Abandoned You

The Democrat Party was once the party of the working men and women of American.

Not anymore.
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Pumpkin Spice Deposits Discovered

From the Babylon Bee.

Vast Swathes Of Pumpkin Spice Deposits Discovered Beneath Seattle

SEATTLE, WA—Miners working for Starbucks have confirmed an exciting discovery: vast swathes of pumpkin spice buried deep beneath the earth, just under the coffee company’s Seattle headquarters.

The valuable spice is thought to be deposited by giant, killer earthworms known to roam the rocks and dirt throughout the Pacific Northwest. The rare, mesmerizing substance reportedly glows an orangeish hue, and has been described by some as potentially addicting.


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