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2018_09 22 Trump iceberg

President Trump visited hurricane victims

ECONOMY: On Thursday, the U.S. stock markets smashed more records with the S&P’s 19th record close of this year and 89th since the 2016 elections. The Dow recorded its 12th new closing high of the year and its 100th new high since the presidential election.

IRAN: President Trump’s oil sanctions on Iran are effectively weakening the regime’s leverage as oil companies across the globe bail out of deals with Tehran. “The president is doing the opposite of what the experts said, and it seems to be working out,” said Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy and Economic Research.

CYBERSECURITY: President Trump has issued the first national cyber security plan since 2003. The United States is engaged in a continuous cyber competition against strategic adversaries, rogue states, and terrorist and criminal networks. President Obama clearly didn’t give a toot.

2018_09 22 Dershowitz

KAVANAUGH’S ACCUSER: They’d like you to believe she’s a young innocent who was viciously assaulted. Her sophomore, junior, and senior yearbooks celebrate binge drinking, promiscuity, and racism are celebrated amidst pictures of young “Chrissy” Blasey.

DEATH THREATS: U.S. Marshals are investigating multiple death threats against Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

SEPTEMBER 18: A day that breaks my heart. Ireland rescinded all legal protections for the unborn, clearing the way for legal abortions to begin slaughtering the children of St. Patrick.

TAX FUNDED: The abortion giant Planned Parenthood has dedicated $4 million to help pro-abortion candidates win back the U.S. House of Representatives in November. Clearly, they do not need to use our money to stay in business.

ABBY JOHNSON: The makers of God’s Not Dead are turning their skills to making a feature film out of Johnson’s autobiography, Unplanned, which tells who she went from managing a Planned Parenthood clinic to founding a pro-life ministry to help abortion workers get out of the business.

2018_09 22 Moses


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