Pot, Meet Kettle

This fat pig made over $200 million perpetrating the biggest hoax in history. He has also been accused multiple times of sexually assaulting massage therapists.


Al Gore suggests Trump’s presidency should be ‘terminated early for ethical reasons’

Former Vice President Al Gore compared the Trump administration to an experiment that’s “terminated early for ethical reasons,” in an interview with MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell that also touched on the upcoming election and man-made global warming.
Gore made no mention of consensus scientific assessments that find no evidence hurricanes are becoming more powerful or frequent. Florence also tracked over “abnormally cold” ocean water, according to temperature data.

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  1. Now, Ms Gaia, can you show us on the globe where the bad man Mr Gore touched you?

    Folks who are not and will not be President: Al Gore. John Kerry. (Remember them when we disdain GWB!) Jeb “Please Clap” Bush. And, of course, Tim Kaine will never be one enfeebled old lady’s heartbeat away from the Oval Office. But especially Al Gore.