Karma Is a B***h

Wyoming Hunting Guide Slain by Grizzlies

Hunting guide Mark Uptain and his client Corey Chubon were attacked by a mother grizzly and her cub on Friday, killing Uptain and wounding Chubon before his escape.
Uptain and Chubon were field dressing an elk they had shot the day before when two bears “aggressively charged” them, completely ignoring the corpse, according to a statement by Teton County officials.

Unfortunately, the bears were euthanized.

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One response to “Karma Is a B***h

  1. There’s an old saying: sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. I can’t imagine where it comes from.

    Another saying: You don’t have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than the other guy. Seems t’ve been the case here?

    Unrelated: How do you tell a black bear from a grizzly? Climb a tree. If the bear climbs up after you, it’s a black bear. If the bear tears the tree down, it’s a grizzly.

    ?Did I tell that right?

    That last line: “Unfortunately, the bears were euthanized” – almost reads like they were euthanized when they attacked the guys (“Killer Bear Gangs, Juiced Up on Euthanizia™”??) and, anyway, would it be more “fortunate” to let man-attacking grizzlies hang around? Sad, yeah, but necessary. “Unfortunate” for the bears, I guess.