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2018_09 19 Fall or Fly

MARINE 2 UPDATE: Preemie grandson has grown to 3# 9.5 oz and recently was graduated off his IV and out of the NICU. He’s in an isolette in the Transitional Ward and continues to require tube feedings, but he’s learning to suck on his own. When he can maintain his own body temperature and take all his nourishment by mouth while still gaining weight, he can GO HOME! Please keep praying for him and his family who has to travel so far to visit with him.

2018_09 14 Only you Trumpy bear

KEEPING PROMISES: A record-low 12% of Americans currently cite some aspect of the economy as the most important problem facing the U.S. The previous low of 13% was recorded in May 1999. And last year, median income for Hispanic households grew by 3.7 percent, adjusted for inflation, which was more than double the increase seen by all households.

REFUGEES: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States would accept 30,000 refugees in 2019, down 15,000 from this year. After taking office, President Trump lowered the refugee cap from 110,000 refugees per year to 50,000, and then lowered it 45,000, the lowest mark since 1980.

RUSSIA: President Donald Trump moved to release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, including those from former FBI Director James Comey.

MAXINE WATERS: “There are those who say, ‘What if we get rid of him? Then we’ve got that Vice President and he’ll be worse.’ I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one. We have the power.”

2018_09 Free stuff trap

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Jake Tapper asked her how she would pay for her proposed $40 trillion worth of free goodies. She had no answer.

2018_09 12 Facebook notice

MEDIA BIAS: The Gosnell Movie is due to hit theaters on October 12. NPR, which is supported by tax dollars, has decided the ads may not mention the FACT that Dr. Gosnell did abortions! They said he could only be described as “Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell” and … get this … the reason given was that “sponsor credits that run on NPR are required to be value neutral to comply with FCC requirements and to avoid suggesting bias in NPR’s journalism.” Yeah, right. Betcha anything if it was a movie about a serial sex predator who also happened to be a Catholic priest, they wouldn’t quibble about saying EXACTLY what his profession was!

EVIDENCE v. NO EVIDENCE: He lists multiple points; they say he’s brainwashed. He asks for even one; they say there’s no point in discussing it with him. Sheesh. These people are unbelievable!

OIL PRODUCTION: Throughout his presidency, Obama repeated some version of “We can’t just drill our way out of the problem.” He was wrong. The United States is now the largest global producer of crude oil.

MENTAL HEALTH: Over the course of three years, humor therapists (ya gotta love that name) got together 400 people with dementia to laugh and giggle more often. Their efforts produced a 20 percent reduction in anxiety – the same amount as a typical antipsychotic medication.

Stop Making Me Defend Donald Trump! | We The Internet TV

Also, laughter is contagious!

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