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No leftist hack should be able to usurp the authority of the President of the United States just because they wear a black robe. Lord knows, when the courts issued an order to Obama he told them to go piss up a rope. He didn’t need to obey the law…he WAS the law. The problem is we have a law-abiding president dealing with a completely rigged, corrupt system whose main goal seems to be destroying him.

That’s Enough: Trump Administration Looks To Rein In Lower Court Judges

We have three branches of government. The judiciary is suppose to be independent, but the slew of nationwide injunctions from lower court district judges is looking more like activism to Republicans, especially those die hard Trump supporters.

It had to take the Supreme Court this past June to say plainly, explicitly, and definitively that the Trump White House’s executive order on immigration, which the liberal media called erroneously the “Muslim ban,” was constitutional. It shouldn’t have taken this long. This was not only constitutional from the get-go; it was a national security priority. The months-long fight with the courts over this order was borderline absurd. It also didn’t help that those leading the legal charge were from some of the most liberal, anti-Trump, and Democratic states in the country. Of course, this was all political—and a nice spotlight on some potentially politically ambitious attorneys general looking to shark their way up to the governor’s mansion. Well, the House GOP is making moved to curtail such lower court rulings that gum up the works of the executive.

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