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Every Democrat Run Big City Toilet

Camera catches Baltimore mayor’s surprise & disgust as she tours her own city: ‘You can smell the rats’

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh was captured on camera saying “you can smell the rats” among other derogatory remarks as she toured a low-income neighborhood in the crime-ridden city.

The Democrat mayor was slammed for being offensive and out-of-touch after touring an East Baltimore neighborhood with other city officials, which included vacant homes, the Baltimore Sun reported. Continue reading

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This Is Hialeah

Taco Bell employee refuses to help client who doesn’t speak Spanish

“Can you move please? I have an order behind you. There is no one who speaks English,” the woman tells Montgomery in the video and threatens to call the police.

“This is Hialeah, I’m sorry,” she said in Spanish.

Two other Taco Bell workers approached the drive thru window when they heard the altercation, but apparently they did not try to help the client. Continue reading

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He Still Sickens Me

Obama demonizing Trump and Republican voters coast to coast

“So we made progress, but — and this is the truth — my administration couldn’t reverse forty-year trends in only eight years, especially once Republicans took over the House of Representatives in and decided to block everything we did, even things they used to support.”

In Ohio, doing some campaign stumping for Richard Cordray (former Obama administration’s Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) running for Governor of Ohio and his female running mate, Obama reverted to mocking Republicans for “being mad”, even those in office who won their elections. They don’t seem happy, he said.

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Democrat Plan Working

The idea all long was to flood the country with illegals and get as many to vote as possible. In 2016 there were an estimated 5 million illegal votes cast. The number in their war to overthrow the president is sure to be higher.

Nearly One in Seven U.S. Residents Are Now Immigrants

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies analyzes new data from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS), released by the Census Bureau Thursday, showing the nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) has reached 44.5 million – the highest number in U.S. history. Growth was led by immigrants from Latin American countries other than Mexico, as well as Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The number from Mexico, Europe and Canada either remained flat or declined since 2010. The Census Bureau refers to immigrants as the foreign-born population.

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