The Unsung Heroes of the Cajun Navy

‘Help These People and Help Save Lives’: Cajun Navy Sends Hundreds of Volunteers to Carolinas

They don’t sit with their hand out whining for somebody to help them. They just saddle up and get it done.

America’s Cajun Navy, a volunteer search, rescue and recovery organization, is sending hundreds of boats and more than 1,000 people to assist people in the Carolinas.

“We have the resources … to go and help these people and help save lives and just make it a little bit easier for everybody,” Jordan Bloodsworth, a Baton Rouge member of the Cajun Navy, explained on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.


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4 responses to “The Unsung Heroes of the Cajun Navy

  1. That picture is actually from the last hurricane, though, right? The current storm is still raging? (Howevermuch President Trump managed to downgrade it…)

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  2. Heard an interview this morning on public radio with one of the Cajun Navy guys and it had me in tears. People like that restore my faith (which needs all the restoring it can get).

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