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TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Last month, a College of Southern Nevada sociology professor decided to protest President Donald Trump by shooting himself in the arm with a .22-calibre handgun. He is facing criminal charges for discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property. The Left Stream Media owns some of the responsibility for this.

KEEPING PROMISES: President Trump is issuing an Executive Order — “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” – designed to respond to and deter foreign attempts to interfere in our elections. This is way more than Obama did. He KNEW the Russians were fiddling with our election process. He just didn’t care, because he thought it would benefit Hillary.

TRUMP WINS STUPID LAWSUIT: On March 1, 2016, when anti-Trump protesters tried to disrupt a Trump campaign rally, Trump called for the crowd to “get ’em out of here… Don’t hurt ’em, don’t hurt ’em.” The result was a media narrative of Trump inciting violence and a lawsuit by the protesters claiming Trump had incited a riot. This week, the three-judge panel of the 6th Circuit unanimously ruled Trump’s words were not an incitement to riot.

PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS: A group of Muslims in Pakistan attempted to destroy a Christian church. When the Christians tried to stop them, they were beaten with clubs and other weapons. One woman was even hit in the head with a brick.

COLLUSION: A newly revealed batch of text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strozk and his mistress Lisa Page show that high-ranking officials at FBI and DOJ teamed up to leak harmful information to the media, then used those media stories to buttress their FISA application that allowed them to spy on Trump’s campaign.

MORNING JOE: This man has become such a pig. He deserves every bit of criticism he reaps for his disgusting 9/11 diatribe in which he said that Trump was a greater threat to America than terrorists.

SPEECH POLICE: Twitter refused to allow the Center for Immigration Studies to promote one of its tweets, because it included the phrase ‘illegal aliens.’ Twitter got caught and has “corrected” the “error.”

SPEECH POLICE: The founder of the #WalkAway campaign has been banned from Facebook. The post that was used to justify the ban simply said “Hey, Patriots! I’m going live on  in 15 minutes.” It appears that Facebook has determined that it wasn’t enough for them to ban Alex Jones’ Infowars. Now they have to punish anyone who suggests you should.

CO2 ALONE DOES NOT CONTROL CLIMATE: Plus, the only scientific consensus that exists is that there is no climate crisis. I saw a video once that showed how Al Gore had left his car running during the entire hour plus that he was inside giving a speech on the climate “crisis.” It was COLD out and, apparently, he didn’t want to have to come out of a warm building and climb into a cold car. He’s such a total fraud.

NFL ISN’T REALLY PRIVATE: Taxpayers have covered a staggering amount of the cost for NFL stadiums, so yeah, we do get to have an opinion about players disrespecting our anthem.

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