What Almost Was

Despite the constant assault from all sides, this president has done much to repair the economy, restore respect for our military, and show the tinpot terrorists around the globe he’s no pushover. Looking back, it is stomach turning how the media whores went so far to shield Hillary Clinton from any negative press, from her health issues to the multiple felonies she committed that she will never be made to answer for.

Two Years Ago Today: Hillary Dropped Like Bag of Rocks, Was Chucked into Scooby Van and Media Lied to Protect Her

Two years ago today, Hillary Clinton attended the 9-11 memorial presentation at Ground Zero.

Mrs. Clinton, who often looked physically weak on the campaign and needed assistance to climb stairs, felt ill that day and left the memorial early.

The liberal media ignored her health issues throughout the campaign.

The liberal mainstream media later played defense for Hillary Clinton and bought the campaign’s message that Hillary had pneumonia — something that was either a lie or was purposely withheld from the American public.

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