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The Thrill Is Gone

Fading star power of Obama draws only 750 people for kickoff rally of his election campaigning

Gone are the heady days when Barack Obama could fill a stadium with his followers. Like a former sitcom star now doing dinner theater performances, he is self-relegated to lesser venues and smaller crowds. On Saturday, at what Think Progress (house organ of the left-wing Center for American Progress) called “his first campaign stop of the midterm elections,” only 750 people (T.P.’s estimate) turned out at the Anaheim Convention Center to partake of the Barack experience.

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What Almost Was

When Barackbygodobamaallpraisehisname ascended to his throne, carried on the shoulders of the media to whom he was almighty and cheered by socialists, communists, layabouts, racial grievance clubs, and folks looking for something for nothing, he boasted he would “fundamentally transform” America. Among his other bleatings, he repeatedly extolled the virtues of Islam while slandering Christianity.

The Democrat presidential candidate in 2016 to replace him seemed to be in sympatico.

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About That Gosnell Movie

The Upcoming Gosnell Film and the Ongoing Hollywood Blacklist of Everything Not Progressive

But many people, some of them good friends of mine, declined to work on this film, not because of its quality but because of the fear of reprisal or even ostracism by the groupthink herd in Hollywood. More than once, I was asked questions like “Are you crazy?” or “Are you sure you want to do this?”, wrote Searcy. Continue reading

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This Is Sick

But not shocking, given the dementia the left is suffering from.

Roll Call Compares Russian Election Meddling To 9/11

Roll Call, a DC-based news outlet, published a cartoon on Tuesday comparing Russian election meddling to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The cartoon was published early Tuesday morning by Robert Mason with the tagline “Never Forget.”

The image depicts the Twin Towers in New York City reimagined as ballot boxes. A plane marked “Russia” is shown flying into the ballot boxes, suggesting that Russia took away the voting rights of Americans


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What Almost Was

Despite the constant assault from all sides, this president has done much to repair the economy, restore respect for our military, and show the tinpot terrorists around the globe he’s no pushover. Looking back, it is stomach turning how the media whores went so far to shield Hillary Clinton from any negative press, from her health issues to the multiple felonies she committed that she will never be made to answer for. Continue reading

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Obama Is Probably Golfing

This is part of the reason Trump is president. And they still don’t get it.

President Trump attends a memorial service in Shanksville, Pa., to remember those killed when hijacked Flight 93 crashed into an open field on Sept. 11, 2001.


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Blissfully Ignorant

Colleges Don’t Need 9/11 Memorial Ceremonies

Students need us to contextualize America’s tragedies, not commemorate them.

Without mooring these symbols in the reality of the victims’ lives, the remembering is necessarily incomplete. At worst, for my Midwestern students, the flags stand for nothing more than the amount of death that happened. And though it’s a tragedy that so many people were killed in such a vicious way, lots more people die every day, some from violence, some in accidents, some lacking medical care. The sheer amount of death in the world can be, when thought about too directly, debilitating.

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Why Are They Still Here?

You can probably figure it out if you think about it.

Why these 9/11 monsters still haven’t faced a trial

Seventeen years after they helped murder 2,977 innocents in the worst terrorist attack on US soil, five 9/11 suspects — including self-avowed mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — have not faced trial. Continue reading


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Seventeen Years and Counting

It seems like yesterday. We swore we’d never forget. Some of us have not. Others forgot far too soon, if they really cared that much at all. People who were toddlers or not even born yet are approaching voting age. I doubt very much if kids are being told the truth, if anything at all in the indoctrination centers that pass for schools nowadays. The history of how we became the greatest nation that ever existed is being perverted or ignored completely. No faith, no individualism, just the collective mantra that all things flow from government largesse and everything should be gotten easily and without sacrifice. The media disseminates their propaganda and children learn it from the constant exposure. Spreading the truth to an unwilling populace is a daunting task and one which in all likelihood will fail. But we have to continue trying to counter this national hysteria. We owe it to those who no longer have a voice.

Pistol Pete…Sept. 11,2018


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