Canned Tuna and Salmon Products

How to choose the best brands

Canned tuna and salmon are convenient foods that help meet dietary recommendations for protein as well as for the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Unfortunately:

  • The amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids can vary widely.
    •               Albacore tuna tends to be low.
  • Some canned fish contain concentrations of mercury and arsenic that should be avoided.
    •               Albacore tuna tends to be high.

ConsumerLab tested a range of these products and selected four that:

  • Provide a significant amount of DHA and EPA.
  • Minimal contamination.
  • Good price.

Top Picks for Tuna:

  •               Trader Joe’s Chunk Light Skipjack Tuna in Water with Sea Salt
  •               Genova Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil with Sea Salt

Top Picks for Salmon:

  •               Deming’s Red Sockeye Wild Alaska Salmon
  •               Trader Joe’s Sockeye Salmon
  •               Kirkland Signature (Costco) Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon


  • N.b., this is a subscription service, so you cannot see the entire report without joining. The material is copyrighted, but I feel it is within fair use and free advertising to offer you this small taste of the information in this report for free. Within 2 months of joining Consumer Lab, I was able to save more than the cost of the subscription just by switching my supplements to good (or better) quality, but less costly brands. Their data base is huge and you get full access to it all once you join.

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