Kavanaugh Hearings

2018_09 05 Stilton on Kavanaugh

MEANWHILE: While the Left was busy going bonkers over the dire threat of Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court Justice, the Senate confirmed EIGHT more of Trump’s judicial nominees.

KAVANAUGH: During his testimony, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed there is no “specific” right to abortion in the Constitution and that you can’t constitutionally demand that Christians pay for abortions. When Senator Blumenthal asked him to promise never to overturn Roe v Wade, he said no. In 2003, he wrote, “the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule its precedent.”

AMERICA ON ABORTION: 55% of Americans now say they support making abortion illegal in all or most cases. 53% of women agree.

OOPS: On Thursday, California Senator Kamala Harris demanded to know if Judge Kavanaugh had ever talked to Bob Mueller. He replied, “You ask if I ever had a discussion about Bob Mueller, I used to work in the administration with Bob Mueller.” Ouch.

2018_09 08 Kavanaugh by Gorrell

HYPOCRITES: “Kavanaugh’s opponents have it both ways:

1. They praise stare decisis, but want to erase Heller & Citizens United.

2. They say they can’t know Kavanaugh without still more documents, but they know he’s bad.

3. They hate 5-4 decisions but love Ruth Bader Ginsburg voting in lockstep with the left.”

– Adam White, George Mason Law  

STUNT: On Thursday, Senator Cory Booker compared himself to Spartacus, saying he would release “committee confidential” email on Kavanaugh and racial profiling, even though he could be expelled from Senate for breaking rule.

Not long after recording that sound bite for his 2020 campaign ads, Sen. Spartacus backtracked and claimed the rule he said he would be defying does not in fact exist.

A while after that, it came out that the release of the documents in question had been agreed to and cleared the night before Booker’s stunt … and that Booker knew it.


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