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MUST VIEW: Prager explains the difference between Leftists and Liberals

2018_09 03 Heaven has a wall

Wow! If you listen to Democrats on immigration these days, they’re all about open borders, abolishing ICE, and giving illegals everything from drivers’ licenses to abortions free. But listen to what their most recent presidential candidate had to say about detaining and deporting children who have crossed our borders illegally.

RIGHT STUFF: The new movie about the first moon walk omits the U.S. flag planting scene, because globalism. Or something. Chuck Yeager responds.

2018_09 03 Chuck Yeager tweet

2d AMENDMENT: This guy is awesome!

NIKE: Their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” ad campaign features Colin Kaepernick … a guy who kneels during the National Anthem and wears Fidel Castro shirts and pigs dressed as police officer socks. Makes me wish I needed new sneakers so I could NOT buy Nike.

DO CALORIES MATTER: If you want to lose weight, you should watch this!

FUNERAL SNARK: I used to have so much respect and affection for the Bush family … until I heard Barbara Bush say she wished Sarah Palin would go back to Alaska and stay there. Then I read in Laura Ingraham’s book about how badly Bush 41 treated loyal Reaganites after he took over. Now this. I’m done with the bunch of them.

2018_09 04 CAT Abercrombie and Fitch bag

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