How many PETA members are pro-abortion?

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2 responses to “How many PETA members are pro-abortion?

  1. “How many PETA members are pro-abortion?” That’s a trick question, right? As far as I can tell PETA is out to eliminate humanity altogether. Can’t see them having any problems with abortions, other than there not being enough of them. 😯

    I’m a member of The Alt-PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals….

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  2. Pre-birth are alive – Ben Carson

    Well, duh. Thank you, Doctor Obvious. 🙂

    Always thought questions like “when life begins” or “when is a conception human” are just dumber than dumb. There is no point in the continuity from sperm-and-egg to blastocyst to birth where that wasn’t human biological life.

    = long rant deleted =

    Arg. Someday maybe I can talk about these things. Not today.