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IMPEACHMENT: We have never before threatened any president with impeachment primarily for purported wrongdoing before he took office. Had we done so, every president since Eisenhower would have been impeached in his first year. Eisenhower, for example, avoided $400,000 in taxes by finagling a one-time government ruling to declare the huge royalties on his memoir as “capital gains” rather than income. Harry Truman had a long relationship with the criminal syndicate run by Kansas City political boss Tom Pendergast. And Barack Obama’s improper campaign contributions (nearly $1.8 million) earned a $375,000 fine. – Victor Davis Hanson (edited by CtH to make it intelligible as an excerpt) Continue reading


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How many PETA members are pro-abortion?

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Who Knew?

I made a comment on Facebook a couple days ago regarding a mob of natives killing farmers in South Africa to take their land. My comment was, ‘These sa*ages only understand viol*nce.’ That was enough to get me thrown in Facebook jail. (edited for content) I read some garbage leftists post and I need a shower. The bias is real.


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