With a Silk Rope

Grannyism: Some people would gripe if you hung them with a silk rope.
Now comes jaded NFL star, Odell Beckham Jr., griping about feeling like a zoo animal.

There’s nothing like watching coddled, multi-millionaire professional athletes sitting around whining about how they are oppressed because of the color of their skin, but New York Giant star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. took it to a whole other level when he compared himself to a zoo animal.

“To me, I be feeling like, I tell people this all the time — I really feel like a zoo animal. Like that’s where life’s gone for me,” he said. “You know, you used to take your kids to the zoo and we used to be like, you know, ‘I want to see the lions’ or ‘Let’s go see the lions.’ And you go out there, and the lions are laid out. You know what I mean?”

That the NFL player known for his flamboyant behavior just signed a five-year, $95 million contract this week makes his idiotic statement all the more egregious.


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