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Los Angeles Renames Rodeo Road To ‘Obama Boulevard’

The final approval for the motion was granted on the 10th anniversary of the day former President Barack Obama was named the first African-American nominee for president by a major political party.


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2 responses to “Meanwhile in Californicate

  1. Is this, like… an overlay name, like naming a few blocks of 7th Street after Col Mustard, or did they really rename an avenue so symbolic of all the glitz and excess of upscale California that even this Okie is familiar with it – after the worst President ever? Actually, now that I wrote that, I think, maybe that’s about right…

    I give it a few years before they change it back.

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  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Given Michelle’s spending habits, I’d say this was a fitting tribute. Remember when she told an audience of welfare moms, “What can you do with $600? One pair of earrings and it’s all gone.”

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