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They Eat Their Own

There was a debate last night between New York Governor Cuomo and actress Cynthia Nixon in the gubernatorial primary. The debate quickly degenerated into a rhetorical food fight. There are a number of short videos, but space restrictions prevents posting them all.
This is from a CBS news report. Take it for what it’s worth.


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Trump’s Lasting Legacy

While the Democrats posture of Kavanaugh’s nomination, a slew of judges are being confirmed without much fanfare. These judges will make a difference for years to come.

Former Hillary Spox: Senate Dems brought “a butter knife to a gunfight” over judicial confirmations
Deal cut to fast track 15 more federal judges, so vulnerable Democrat Senators could go home to campaign. Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Californicate

Los Angeles Renames Rodeo Road To ‘Obama Boulevard’

The final approval for the motion was granted on the 10th anniversary of the day former President Barack Obama was named the first African-American nominee for president by a major political party.


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How They Operate

Ron De Santis won the Republican primary Tuesday and the media whores immediately misquoted him to make it look like a racial attack on his opponent. Continue reading

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The Real McCain

There will be all manner of glowing tributes and gushing praise (mostly from his friends the Democrats.) Even in death he remains the bitter, vindictive man he was in life.
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