How Low Can They Go?

Pretty damn low.

CNN Races For The Ratings Bottom, Sees Much Success

CNN has raced for the bottom by aligning itself with #TheResistance, and as a result of its Trump derangement, the cable news network has been plagued with numerous #FakeNews scandals this year. Last year, CNN earned the dubious distinction of being the only media outlet to be named a whopping four times in the 2017 Fake News Awards list of top ten purveyors of fake news.

It’s little surprise, then, that CNN’s ratings are tanking. And I mean really really tanking. The vaunted “Chris Cuomo Primetime” has fewer viewers not only than Fox News but than HGTV. This makes sense; after all, watching paint dry is far preferable to watching Cuomo’s antics.

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  1. Pistol Pete

    Continetti: It’s Hard to See Where CNN Got Other Sourcing for Trump Tower Story