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This Really Steams My Clams

Benghazi II: Chinese Hacked Hillary Server, Killed 12 CIA Sources While Server Was at Clinton Residence
The Chinese got nearly all her e-mails because her server was so easy to hack.
In other words, an American secretary of state who felt entitled to work on her own amateurish computer system had exposed all of her correspondence to one of the country’s most powerful and dangerous rivals in world affairs.
And it’s very possible that at least 12 operatives serving United States intelligence agencies paid for Clinton’s security breach with their lives.

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Florida Will Choose

The gubernatorial primaries in Florida were held yesterday.
Congressman Ron DeSantis, outspent and originally trailing, was boosted by the vocal support of President Trump and won handily.
The Democrat contest was won by Tallahassee mayor and Sanders-backed socialist, Andrew Gillum.
He’s another corrupt politician looking to get rich on other peoples’ misery. Continue reading

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How Low Can They Go?

Pretty damn low.

CNN Races For The Ratings Bottom, Sees Much Success
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They’ll Never Understand

MSNBC Freaks Out That ‘Deluded’ Trump Supporters Refuse to Abandon Him
On Monday’s MTP Daily on MSNBC, during a discussion of the fact that President Donald Trump’s approval rating has stayed the same in spite of recent bad news, fill-in host Katy Tur was exasperated as she was clearly cheering for his approval rating to fall, and wondered if there was any reason to be “optimistic” that it would. Continue reading

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Not Even a RINO

‘Pro-Life’ Sen. Joe Manchin Can’t Defend Why He Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood
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