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MASCOT UPDATE: The Buzzers are IN their new home. They don’t have any furniture yet LOL but they are all just SO glad to be done with hotels! One of their first tasks was to buy a year’s membership at the local science center.

2018_08 26 Science Center

OBAMACARE: Six states have just won more than $839 million because of an unlawful Obamacare tax on state Medicaid programs. “Obamacare is unconstitutional, plain and simple,” Attorney General Paxton said. “We all know that the feds cannot tax the states, and we’re proud to return this illegally collected money to the people of Texas.” The “tax”, which was marketed as a “fee”, may be the linchpin for the collapse of Obamacare.

2018_08 25 Trump tweet

Newt Gingrich: What If? History That Could’ve Been

2018_08 28 I hate him

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