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Please pray for Warrior Princess, who has pneumonia, and her wee son, Marine Two, who continues to battle an intestinal infection in the NICU. Thanks!

2018_08 Political Dog Show by Varvel

KEEPING PROMISES: As the exchanges closed today, American stocks set a new record for the longest bull market in history. Total American home equity just hit an all-time high and Americans are managing their money prudently. The GDP grew 4.1 percent in the second quarter and the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s live statistical model is forecasting a 4.3 percent rate for quarter three. And, since 2017, America saw an astounding 400 percent increase in the number of black-owned businesses.


MEDIA vs. MAIN STREET: A recent Gallup survey about the 2018 midterm elections showed that Americans view our nation’s #1 problem to be immigration/illegal aliens. The economy scored #2. Other matters had fewer than 0.5 percent of respondents pick them as important for voters. So what does the MSM report on? N.b., MSNBC, which devoted nearly sixteen HOURS discussing disgruntled and discredited former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, gave only 45 minutes to immigration.

2018_09 15 News

ILLEGAL ALIENS: Never mind that American voters said illegal aliens and immigration reform are our #1 concern. The MSM couldn’t be bothered to report on these immigration stories that all occurred just in the past month. They only talked about the parental separation issue.

  • An illegal alien from Mexico has confessed to murdering Mollie Tibbetts, a 20-year-old college student from Brooklyn, Iowa.
  • An illegal alien from Mexico has been charged with stabbing a 27-year-old Minnesota woman to death. He’s got two DUIs and has been deported once.
  • An illegal alien from Mexico has been charged with raping an 11-year-old Arkansas girl.
  • An illegal alien from Peru has been charged with multiple offenses including rape, sexual penetration with a foreign object, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. He was finding his victims while working as a Lyft driver in San Francisco, a sanctuary city inside a sanctuary state. California also grants driver’s licenses to illegals.
  • An illegal alien from El Salvador who served seven years in a Texas prison for a 2002 murder has been caught re-entering the U.S. Another illegal alien who served time in Chicago, Illinois, for “aggravated criminal sexual assault” and “predatory criminal sexual assault of a child” has also been caught re-entering the U.S. They each 20 more years in prison if convicted.

Pelosi tells bereaved mother that sanctuary policies make us all safer.

MEDIA SLIME: For a significant number of national newsrooms, the real scandal is almost never the violent tragedy that could reflect poorly on Democratic lawmakers and policies. The “real” scandal is how Republicans and conservatives seize on/exploit/politicize these stories for their own benefit. Most recently, The New York Times got its panties in a wad over President Trump citing Mollie Tibbets’ murder in pursuit of his desire to reform immigration.

The callousness and stupidity of Democrat senators who call for effective immigration policy, but refuse to do anything to make it happen.

2018_08 23 Homeless veterans

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