Upping My Game

I am extremely mold sensitive and did not understand before this month that my mason jar/airlocks aren’t sufficient for creating a truly anaerobic, 100% mold killing ferment. I haven’t had any VISIBLE mold, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still mold in there. And in Chrissy World, ANY mold is too much mold.

There’s also no way to ensure my ferments are not stalling at Stage 2. They will only move through Stages 3 and 4 if the jar is truly anaerobic and it is only in these stages that the histamine is lowered. I’m histamine sensitive too, so I was frankly appalled to learn that most mason jar ferments get stalled in Stage 2.

At the moment, there are only two types of truly, 100% anaerobic fermenting vessels available. One option is the best of the traditional ceramic crocks. That is, ones with water moats and CONVEX lids. (I.e., lids where water would puddle on the top.) In the ones with concave (i.e., domed) lids, oxygen is not forced out of the vessel, but can pool up inside the dome where it can support mold growth. The only other option is the Probiotic Jar.

They’re both expensive and neither is necessary for good-enough-for-healthy-people fermenting. But I’m not healthy. In fact, I’m so unhealthy that I have nearly died 3 times and can only rarely leave the house. Twenty-five months ago, I was in the ICU with kidney failure and internal bleeding, both still of unknown origins. I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and am extremely hypersensitive to chemicals and highly allergic to every inhalant and food I was ever tested for. This includes 50 foods, dust, cats, dogs, all the local pollens, and 300 common molds. I even tested positive to all three of the girlie hormones (estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone) we did.

After hearing my story, a very kind, wishes-to-remain-anonymous benefactor is gifting me with an early Christmas of FOUR one-liter Probiotic Jars (the biggest size I can lift when they’re full). I have been fermenting for three years with mason jars and cannot wait to experience and report to all y’all just how using the Probiotic Jars affects my health and the quality of my ferments!


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