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Bits & Bytes

TUCKER CARLSON: Liberals rejoice over the Cohen and Manafort headlines. But this isn’t the Trump death blow they are hoping for.

https://www.facebook.com/TuckerCarlsonTonight/videos/481601575640549/ Continue reading

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Upping My Game

I am extremely mold sensitive and did not understand before this month that my mason jar/airlocks aren’t sufficient for creating a truly anaerobic, 100% mold killing ferment. I haven’t had any VISIBLE mold, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still mold in there. And in Chrissy World, ANY mold is too much mold.

There’s also no way to ensure my ferments are not stalling at Stage 2. They will only move through Stages 3 and 4 if the jar is truly anaerobic and it is only in these stages that the histamine is lowered. I’m histamine sensitive too, so I was frankly appalled to learn that most mason jar ferments get stalled in Stage 2. Continue reading

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