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MASCOT UPDATE: I’m so bummed! The Buzzers have to be at Daddy Buzz’s new post by the 23rd firm. With the 10 days of truck delays, that means No Visit To Casa Hyphen. In other, even more distressing news, Marine Two has an infection. He’s exhausted and back on the ventilator. Please remember him in your prayers!

TURN UP THE HEAT: Michelle Malkin Investigates: Stick it to the censors! Speak for those who have no voice. Support those speaking for you. And remember in November: VOTE.

2018_07 16 Brennan accuses

BRENNAN LIES: On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” former CIA Director John Brennan stated that his tweet (above) didn’t say he believed President Trump had committed treason. “I did say that [what he did] rises to and exceeds the level of high crimes and misdemeanors and is nothing short of treasonous.” ….. Ummmmmmmm … so when he said “Trump committed treason”, he didn’t say “Trump committed treason.” Riiight.

BRENNAN LIES: Also on Friday, Brennan told Maddow, “I know what the Russians did in interfering in the election. I have 100% confidence in what they did.” But on Saturday, AP published an interview with Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) in which he said that, after nineteen months of investigation, they have found “no factual evidence” of any collusion or conspiracy between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign. Burr is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the Russia allegations.


TDS: An MSNBC panelist said President Trump wants to round people up and murder them and Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world. Riiight. Cuz that doesn’t sound totally unhinged. At all. ::eyeroll::

MORE LEFTIST WHACKADOODLE DANDIES: They went ballistic over the news that a man was arrested while driving his laboring wife to the hospital. SO O.M.G. HE DIDN’T GET TO BE WITH HER FOR THE BIRTH. Left out until wayyyyyyyy down in the stories is the eensy weensy factoid that the man is wanted for murder. A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise money for the family; CBS Los Angeles linked to it in its story. Yeah. So unbiased, right? For what it’s worth, the woman was able to drive herself to the hospital without incident. And, you know, lots of deployed soldiers miss the births of their babies too. Just sayin’.

CHING CHONG: Black Democrat claims that voting outside your race is wrong. But only when it’s Blacks who are supporting an Asian candidate who is running against a Black candidate. Cuz, you know, us Whites who didn’t vote for Barack Hussein were just totes raaacist.

SLEEP STUDY: Researchers found that sleep-deprived individuals feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others than well-rested individuals. Even worse, they are perceived as more unattractive to others, which contributes to their isolation.

2018_08 19 Brain freeze


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