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2018_08 18 Eight Eighteen

MAGA: Trump says phooie to the Left’s idea that America must adjust to a new age of slow growth and declining influence. Under Obama, almost 200,000 American manufacturing jobs were lost. Since Trump was elected, more than 400,000 have been added. Continue reading

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The Mercenaries Are Ready

2020: Dems Gearing Up for ‘Street Fight’ on Race, Identity Politics

Al Sharpton told Politico this week that 2020 contenders have to “stand up and go after people of color’s vote unapologetically,” adding that he believes Democrats “only can fight” Trump “with a street fight, and anybody who does not want to deal with the race part of that street fight should stay out of this fight.”


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Can’t Take a Joke

Scott Adams: Brennan ‘almost destroyed’ U.S. because he can’t understand an ‘obvious joke’

Scott Adams, author of “Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter” said President Trump appears to be dealing with a dangerous political witch hunt because Mr. Brennan thought a public roasting of Hillary Clinton and her secret email server as secretary of state was influenced by Russian propaganda.

At a 2016 campaign event, then-candidate Trump jokingly called for Russia to find the thousands of emails that had been deleted from the private server Clinton used while she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

On Thursday, The New York Times published an op-ed by the former CIA boss saying the jest complicated the already challenging work of the American intelligence and law enforcement communities by encouraging a foreign nation to collect intelligence against a United States citizen.”

Adams, who is famous for his cartoon, Dilbert, was one of the first political commentators to Trump’s electoral success. He said the decision to strip Brennan of his security clearance was a completely rational decision.

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Even Judges Are Targets

Judge Ellis Declines Motion by CNN, WaPo to Release Names of Manafort Jurors – Reveals ‘I HAVE BEEN THREATENED’

UNREAL: CNN, Wapo and Buzzfeed are demanding the names and addresses of the Manafort jurors be released to the public.

On Friday, Judge Ellis, a Reagan appointee, revealed he has received threats, however; he did not provide details.

Judge Ellis declined a motion by WaPo, CNN and Buzzfeed to unseal jurors names, reported Courthouse News reporter Brandi Buchman.


Judge Ellis told the courtroom he has received threats.

“I have the marshal’s protection. I don’t even go to the hotel alone. I won’t even reveal the name of the hotel,” Judge Ellis said.

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