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MASCOT UPDATE: The truck is fixed for real this time and they are back on the road. And speaking of road trips, Dearest is on his way to meet our newest grandson in the NICU. “Marine Two” is doing well, gaining weight slowly, but gaining. Please keep praying for him and his precious mom, dad, and brother! Thanks.

2018_08 16 Press free tweet

HYPOCRITE: While Leftists were shrieking about Trump attacking the press, Socialist Media Darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez banned reporters from two of her public campaign events.

AWESOME: The Christian baker who won a case at the Supreme Court in June guaranteeing his right not to have to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding is suing Colorado after the state filed a complaint against him for refusing to create a cake celebrating a man’s gender transition.

WHAT THE HELL?! Authorities arrested a bunch of Muslims in New Mexico for allegedly abusing children and training them to shoot up schools. Then, AFTER a little boy’s remains were found buried near the compound, the judge released all of the suspects until their trial … WITHOUT BAIL. Then, “authorities” BULLDOZED the compound which is … oh I dunno … EVIDENCE in an ongoing investigation. The dead boy is identified as a 3-year-old who was kidnapped from his home in Georgia and taken to the compound by his father. No word yet about the cause of death. WHO IS RUNNING THIS SHOW?!

MORE WHAT THE HELL?! A biological male is using anti-discrimination laws to sue a battered women’s shelter for refusing to let him bunk with the vulnerable women they were protecting.

2018_08 16 Racist Dem

HISPANIC PLANTATION: The left claims to love Hispanics, but that love evaporates very quickly if they take the wrong approach on politics. Houston restaurant owner Dominic Laurenzo recently took a photo with attorney general Jeff Sessions, saying he was proud to host him at his restaurant, El Tiempo Cantina. Laurenzo didn’t endorse Sessions’ politics. he just said he was happy to serve a prominent American. Now, the restaurant is being barraged with calls for a boycott, and Spanish-language channel Univision is leading the attack.

BABYLON BEE RESPONDS TO CHELSEA: Chelsea Clinton Claims Holocaust Added $3.5 Trillion To German Economy


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  1. I’ll bet the fam had more fun with their journey delays than we’ve had getting to our Chicago family gathering.

    Our drive was smooth, mostly (until we hit the vicinity of the Big City).

    However, Son, DiL, and their 1.3 kiddos coming from Oklahoma City had a great early-morning flight scheduled. Then they 1) had to de-plane for technical reasons 2) didn’t get the standby they’d hoped for, so 3) they got routed to… Baltimore, then Cleveland. Son says, “This is the farthest East I’ve ever been.”

    Heh. Life’s an adventure.

    “We are plain quiet folk and I have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! I can’t think what anybody sees in them,’ said our Mr Baggins…

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