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MUST VIEW: Jon Miller offers “Whitey” some of his own advice on how to deal with “white guilt.” FUNNY! And true. What he says about unqualified blacks getting jobs instead of qualified whites to meet diversity quotas is totally true. It happened to my brother.

ELLISON: A second woman has come out with abuse allegations against Dem. Rep. Keith Ellison and her charge is validated by a 911 call. Ellison decided not to defend his seat in Congress, in favor of pursuing the Attorney General job in Minnesota. One of two Muslims currently in Congress, he is also the Deputy Chair of the DNC.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The typical family of four in our district is saving $1,600 per year because of tax cuts. That’s an extra mortgage payment, a down payment for a new car or a family vacation. It certainly isn’t crumbs.” – Rep. Tom Reed

REMINDER: The Gosnell Movie opens in theaters on October 12.

NOT TIRED OF WINNING: President Trump’s approval rating among black voters has reached 36%. On this day last year, Trump’s approval among black voters was 19%.

FAKE NEWS: Hundreds of newspapers simultaneously published editorials slamming Trump for slamming the media.

2018_08 16 Iowahawk

DISNEY: Disney is reportedly featuring an openly gay character in its upcoming film, Jungle Cruise, which is based on the iconic theme park ride of the same name. It is slated for an October 2019 release. Pro-gay activists are mad that the actor is straight. Sheesh. There are two things I don’t want to know about actors – their politics and their sexual practices.

2018_08 16 Troll level tweet

ISIS KILLER ARRESTED: An Iraqi national who entered the U.S. as a refugee has been arrested in on charges that he participated in ISIS killings in Iraq in 2014. He lied on his application. What a shock.

2018_08 Cuomo not great

PRO-ABORT DEATH/RAPE THREAT: An Operation Rescue staff member received this call from someone who expressed anger over a 13-year old article posted on the website. WARNING: This audio recording of the call is disturbing!

SO UNCOOL: A field director for Republican Rep. Rodney Davis in Illinois’ 13th congressional district was arrested for aggravated assault during a campaign event for Davis’ opponent, Betsy Dirksen Londrigan. Reportedly, he Londrigan and her husband around the bar asking menacing questions until he was asked to leave, then started throwing punches.


OMAROSA’S FRIEND SAYS: There is no audio tape of President Trump using the “N-word.” Period.

ANDREW KLAVAN: Ep. 561 – Trump is Winning the War on a Dishonest Press | The media is guilty as charged. Plus Jenna Ellis on the persecution of the Christian cake baker. And Michael Reagan on the attempt to erase America’s memory. FIRST FIVE MINUTES ARE VERY FUNNY!

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