Annie Blackley Is Back

Still pimping race…it’s all they have.

Democratic Lawmaker Says ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Let White People Get Away With Murder

“We need to get rid of ‘Stand Your Ground’ because it’s being misused all over this country and we’re finding that it is racially tinged because it’s being used in instances where white people actually kill black people and get away, so that is very troublesome,” Wilson concluded.

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One response to “Annie Blackley Is Back

  1. If she’s a dem, she’s a houseboy for the Nazi Party. Hitler advocated gun control for anyone he wanted dead. As a black and a dem, that makes her a slave driver, as well, the slavery party always prefered to use houseboys as slave drivers. They work cheap. One thing this bimbo forgot, blacks are boying guns in record numbers because no place run by the DNC is ever safe for a black, unless he’s privledged, a houseboy.