When You’ve Lost the Late Night “Comedians”

I’ve purposely avoided the tawdry exploits of Omarosa Manigault Newman. She’s a lying, self-serving reptile who, after signing a non-disclosure agreement to work in the White House, clandestinely made tapes of a lot of people, which she is now releasing in order to sell her book. She is so repulsive that even the vermin of late night television are disgusted. They just figured she’s as bad as anybody else that works for Trump.

Late-Night Hosts Mock ‘Con-Artist’ Omarosa: ‘Liar and Backstabber with No Credibility’

In her new book, Unhinged, the 44-year-old former reality star makes a number of bombshell claims, including that Trump is a racist who has previously used the N-word. The White House has dismissed her claims as that of a “disgruntled former employee,” while Trump described her as a “lowlife.”

“Yes. She’s a liar and a backstabber with no credibility—exactly like everyone else in the Trump administration,” said Late Show host Stephen Colbert.


Diamond and Silk point out that it doesn’t take years for a black woman to figure out that the boss is a racist. They say Omarosa’s relationship with Trump goes back 15 years. I don’t know about that, but her history at Wikipedia includes these telling gems:

  • July 2016: Becomes Director of African-American Outreach for the Trump campaign.
    • But Trump is a racist? Riiight.
  • December 2016: Becomes a member of Trump’s transition team.
    • Because she really loved working for a racist? Riiight.
  • January 2017: Becomes Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison.
    • After six months, she STILL didn’t know? Riiight.
  • December 2017: Was either fired or resigned from White House staff.
    • I count a total of 18 months working closely with Candidate, President-Elect and President Trump and his people.

As for her employment record … in the 1990s, she worked in the office of Vice President Al Gore, where her former boss there says she “was the worst hire we ever made.” She later worked at the Commerce Department where her former boss there says, “I had her removed” because she was “unqualified and disruptive.”



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