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MASCOT UPDATE: No word yet on the truck repair, but they are having fun relaxing with friends and exploring the Left Coast of Washington State. Bunny wore the Super Hero cape her Grammy sewed to the zoo. And there was a rare sighting of the elusive Daddy Buzz during a nature walk.

KEEPING PROMISES: President Trump signed a $716 billion defense bill Monday that authorizes hundreds of new planes, ships and tanks, increases troop strength and raises military pay.


SHOCKING ALLEGATIONS: Some years ago, Karen Monahan, an organizer for the far left Sierra Club, was apparently in a relationship with Democratic Party leader Keith Ellison. After her son found evidence of the abuse Ellison inflicted, she decided it was time to break her silence.

LOCK HER UP: Sunday morning on “Meet the Press,” Omarosa released a secret recording of CoS John Kelly firing her from the White House. This is a clear security breach and people from both sides of the aisle are calling for Omarosa to be locked up.

2018 POLLS: Republicans appear to have closed the gap with Democrats on the generic ballot on who should lead Congress next year.

2018_08 14 Fetal models

SUIT FILED: A British pro-life group that was kicked out of the Lambeth Country Show for displaying these scientific accurate models of preborn humans has filed a lawsuit against the Lambeth Council for defamation, breach of contract and interference with their right to freedom of expression.

FAKE NEWS: Despite constant media publicity for a white nationalist rally in DC, only about 20-30 people showed up to participate. There were way more protesters and members of the media. Compare this to the Left Stream Media’s annual cricket festival for the hundreds of thousands of protesters who show up in DC every January to freeze their derrieres off on behalf of the unborn.

STILTON on FAKE NEWS: Over 100 newspapers have announced plans to simultaneously publish editorials attacking President Trump for suggesting that they lack integrity and (ahem) independence of thought. Specifically, they’re sick of being called “fake news” just because they publish stories which aren’t even remotely true, and additionally incensed that Trump has declared that news organizations which knowingly lie to America’s voters are “enemies of the people” because they’re attempting to (ahem) meddle in our theoretically sacred voting process.

STRZOK: Shortly after news hit that FBI skunk Peter Strzok had been fired, he set up a GoFundMe account asking for $350,000 to help with his legal expenses and lost income. I checked it at 1:53 pm Tuesday. He’s already got $303,560 from 7,765 donors. Hey, it’s their money. Better they should throw it away on him than on helping Democrats get elected, right?

VIOLENCE: Benny Johnson tweeted yesterday, “I asked leftist progressives outside the White House today what they would do if they met President Trump. Their answers ON CAMERA included:

  • •”I would murder him.”
  • •”We’d have to do him like Gaddafi.”
  • •”If I get a chance to fuck him up I would.”
  • •”Beat his ass.”

I was only at the event for one hour. At least a few of these threats are worthy of Secret Service investigation.”


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  1. Nature walk and aquarium – great pictures.

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  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Trump tweeted of Omarosa, “When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out. Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

    Piers Morgan tweeted this was unfair to dogs and, “Omarosa called me a lot worse than that every day for 4 weeks on Celebrity Apprentice – including a ‘f**king f*ggot’.”

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