What About Us?

Ever since Alexandria Occasional-Cortex shocked Joe Crowley to win her primary, she hasn’t spent much time at home trying to convince the people to vote for her. She’s been barnstorming for socialist candidates all over the country and getting fawned over by the Trump-hating press. Her endorsements have proven to be the kiss of death.

We’ll see soon enough if absence does, indeed, make the heart grow fonder.

Ocasio-Cortez endorsed several far-left candidates in the previous weeks who were as ignorant on economic policy as she is.

Kaniela Ing, Hawaii
Kerri Harris, Delaware
Brent Welder and James Thompson, Kansas
Abdul El-Sayed and Rashida Tlaib, Michigan
Cori Bush, Missouri
Zephyr Teachout, New York
Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts
Linsey Fagan, Texas

On Tuesday they got shellacked. Ocasio-Cortez endorsements lost four races in one night.

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