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MASCOTS: The Buzzers were planning to enjoy a few days just kicking back with friends and family in Washington State, but it looks like the replacement fuel pump is faulty. Bad news: Their trip plans are FUBAR as they have yet another 5 days of sitting still while waiting on part delivery and installation. Good news: All repairs and cost of vehicle rentals are covered by the warranty and they’ve been given a reprieve on the “hard deadline” they had for arriving at their new home.

2018_08 Trump is sexist NOT

SAD AND DISTURBING: The “School Shooting Training Camp” discovered in New Mexico kept the children in appalling conditions. A dead 3-year old was found buried near the camp. CNN, The New York Times, CBS and Time Magazine have neglected to mention the connection between the people running the camp, radical Islam, or Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour.

MORAL STRESS: This is an interesting angle on assisted suicide and human euthanasia. Studies show that vets experience significant stress as a result of euthanizing their patients. One study showed that one in six has thought about suicide. If this is true for doctors who put down dogs and cats, how much more true is it likely to be for doctors who put down humans?

FLOTUS: First Lady Melania Trump visits with four-year-old Essence Overton during her visit to the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee | July 24, 2018

2018_07 24 Melania with cancer patient

SCOTUS: Kavanaugh’s hearing for confirmation to the Supreme Court is set to begin September 4 before Senate Judiciary.


SOCIALISM: Everyday working Californians have to wait in lines in the hot sun for hours with illegal immigrants to renew their licenses. In the Democrat-controlled Socialist State of California, the masses face an average wait time of several hours to renew their drivers’ licenses. The Democratic controlled California legislature set up a secret DMV office so they don’t have to worry about sun stroke and can just walk right in and renew their licenses. Socialism is not about making life better for the masses. It’s about enabling a powerful, political elite to grab all the goodies for themselves.

GOOD: Public outraged has killed a Massachusetts bill that would have required public schools to teach kids “medically accurate” and “age-appropriate” information about sex. That sounds harmless enough until you delve into the recommended Planned Parenthood curricula and find out it teaches kids as young as 12 how to perform oral and anal sex.

BWAHAHA: The DNC just voted to accept political donations from fossil fuel sources. I’m thinking that the hard-core leftists who make up their base are going to be might pissed about this. ::snork::

SPEAKING OF STUPID: The Left loves to blame wildfires on global warming, but a recent study shows 84% of them are either deliberately (arson) or accidentally (trash burning, camp fires) set by people, not the climate.

ROFLL!! Must watch!!


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