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MASCOTS: The Buzzers were planning to enjoy a few days just kicking back with friends and family in Washington State, but it looks like the replacement fuel pump is faulty. Bad news: Their trip plans are FUBAR as they have yet another 5 days of sitting still while waiting on part delivery and installation. Good news: All repairs and cost of vehicle rentals are covered by the warranty and they’ve been given a reprieve on the “hard deadline” they had for arriving at their new home. Continue reading


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A Difference Without a Distinction

Boston Globe Calls for All Media Outlets to Publish Anti-Trump Editorials Next Week
They have asked a number news organizations to publish editorials condemning the president’s labeling of the press as “the enemy of the people.”
Marjorie Pritchard, who oversees the Globe’s editorial page, says dozens of newspapers have agreed so far to write their own editorials, according to the Associated Press.


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Kammy Mounts Her High Horse

Kamala Harris: Sept. 4 Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing ‘Outrageous’

Poor Kammy… she slept her way to the top in politics, tries to pass herself off as black, and is now leading the effort to delay putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have already said they will approve him, so there’s not much the Dems can do.
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Criminals as Democrat Icons

Several cable networks ran a special last week on Trayvon “St. Skittles” Martin called “Rest In Power.” I didn’t bother watching it, but I’m sure it is a whitewashing of the fact that he was nothing but a vicious punk who planned to beat and rob a white dude. George Zimmerman was armed. Trayvon lost. The occurrence of white people killing black people is extremely rare, so it became an excuse for the race hustlers to ply their trade. At their 2016 convention the Democrats brought his birth unit along with Michael Brown’s mother on stage and applauded wildly like they had done something heroic instead of spawning savage criminals. Continue reading

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