She Guevara

Ben Shapiro offered to donate $10,000 to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign if she would debate him. That’s all she had to do to raise a substantial amount of money, and if she’s truly as confident as she claims to be in her ideas and political beliefs then surely this would be a super easy offer to accept. Unless of course, she knows she’s full of it and running out of bumper sticker catch phrases. So how did she decline without losing face with her base? SHE PLAYED THE GENDER CARD, of course.

2018_08 09 Ocasio-Cortez tweetBEN SHAPIRO: “Discussion and debate are not “bad intentions.” Slandering someone as a sexist catcaller without reason or evidence does demonstrate cowardice and bad intent, however. But sure, go with “the Orthodox Jew who has never catcalled a woman in his life is ACKSHUALLY a sexist catcaller for asking for a discussion or debate.” I’m sure your media sycophants will eat it up.”

KATIE PAVLICH: “I thought strong women could stand up for themselves and hold their own in any situation…apparently Ocasio isn’t one of them.”

CANDACE OWENS: And what exactly was your excuse for having turned down the debate with me? Can’t wrap that one up in fake-feminism. I’ll double Ben Shapiro’s offer. 20k to a charity of your choice— a capitalism vs. socialism debate.

JOHN SEXTON: “Someone needs to make a video of a woman walking down the street while random men yell “I’ll debate you for charity!”

NATALIE JOHNSON: “This statement is the biggest disservice to women who want to be taken seriously in politics. More importantly, you’re undermining women who have been sexually harassed. How dare you.”



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  2. Crazy-Eyes Occasional-Cortex* is a gift that just keeps giving. (*Name coined, I think, by J.J. Sefton on Ace of Spades.)

    Strangely, she seems to be, not an aberration, but the very future face and voice of the dying Democrat Party. Crazy-eyed face and incoherent voice.

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