Don’t Be Surprised

Michael Barone once said that to defeat a Democrat, you have to win outside the margin for cheating. The last special election before November was held Tuesday for the seat from the 12th district of Ohio. Republican Troy Balderson, with a boost from the president, defeated Democrat Danny O’Connor by some 1,700 votes. Balderson claimed victory. BUT WAIT!
Ta-dahh, a box of more than 500 previously uncounted ballots were discovered and O’Connor gained 190 votes. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, 3,435 provisional ballots and 5,048 absentee ballots will be counted by the August 24 deadline.
Don’t be surprised if the Democrat pulls out a “miracle” comeback. Outside of Florida 2000, the Democrats have never lost a recount election. They count until they get ahead, then they quit counting.


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Scores Of Registered Voters Over 116 Years Old Found In Ohio’s 12th District That Just Had Tight Special Election
    A new report alleges that there are scores of registered voters who are over 116 years old in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, where Republican Troy Balderson is currently hanging onto a narrow lead over Democrat Danny O’Connor in Tuesday’s special election.
    Eggers notes that leftist billionaire and Democratic mega-donor George Soros pledged millions of dollars to fight against voter ID laws in Ohio before the 2016 elections.


  2. ForHisGlory52

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  3. Although the direct votes break nearly 50/50, strange how the late counts are so often heavily Dem. Hmmmmm….

    I read the AG in OH is GOP, so these late votes, if suspect at all, may not be as readily certified as those from Al’s Buick’s trunk.