After I watched this video, in which this M.D. (Nephrologist) explains why “eat less, move more” diets don’t work and why intermittent fasting does, I ordered his book which I’m avidly reading.

This week, I started my own experiment with fasting and … wow, do I feel good! Most notably, my chronically swollen, painful left knee is markedly improved. Usually, I have to strap up my knee to walk Daisey and can’t do it at all when it’s rainy. This morning, I walked her half a mile without bandaging my knee first and it’s rainy!

Fasting is a powerful tool for diabetes, which thank God Dearest and I don’t have, but it also helps inflammation, blood pressure, and cholesterol, which we do have. If you’re overweight or struggling with a chronic health problem, I encourage you to look into this.


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  1. rednig

    Too much fasting and the body thinks you’re starving. When you try to eat a regular diet again, you can gain weight. They found this out when POWs rescued from Japanese camps were bering fed a regular US diet but still were walking skeletons. Things went sour and they were forgotten for a few days, no food at all, and one complained, and then they started to eat again, some gained too much weight (fat) tho they weren’t eating more than a normal man would. If you do fast, always involve God. He’ll keep your weight under control if you bug Him about it. Be blessed!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dr. Fung discusses all of this stuff and carefully explains who should definitely not fast. I.e., pregnancy and nursing women, children under 18, and the malnourished (e.g., anorexics).

      Those who are taking medication should only do it under a doctor’s supervision. (I do and I am.)

      ITA with you about keeping God in the center of everything and I have been bugging Him about my persistent and very puzzling weight gain. I believe this book is His answer.

      First off, I learned exactly why I’ve been gaining weight over the past 24 months, despite eating a healthy diet, full of organic foods, no seconds and very rare sweet treats. Second, I learned what I can do to reverse it.

      Already I’m feeling better and my morning work-outs have been more excellent.

      The swelling and pain in my knee began to improve as soon as I started following Dr. Fung’s recommendations.

      Usually, my left knee is swollen and hurts too much to walk the dog without strapping it up with an elastic bandage. On rainy days, I usually couldn’t go out at all. This morning, I walked the dog … without a bandage … IN THE RAIN. I mean, I needed an umbrella!

      I’m so excited about this! I’ve got a check up at the beginning of October and can’t wait to see what my weight is.

      There are a bunch of options. I chose the 16:8 to start with. That’s a 16 hour daily fast (I only have non-caloric beverages between 8 pm and noon) alternated with 8 hours of eating (dinner at mid-day and a light supper in the evening).

      I moved my big meal to mid-day, because Fung writes about studies that show that weight isn’t driven by calories, but by insulin. Calories consumed at mid-day causes a smaller insulin spike than the same number consumed in the evening. Therefore, they are less “fattening.”

      I’m also learning how to transition to a lower-carbohydrate, higher-fat diet, which Fung recommends. I know this sounds counter to everything we’ve been told, since the 60s and 70s. This period of time also coincides with the explosion of obesity and diabetes in America. Hmmm. Fancy that.

      Dr. Fung is a nephrologist (MD kidney specialty) who has literally CURED hundreds of Type 2 Diabetes cases! The clinical studies and his own patient histories provide very compelling evidence that he’s right.

      It’s a fascinating book. WELL worth the purchase price and VERY readable.

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      • rednig

        ‘K, sounds like a plan. I eat traditional Native American, meat, low carbs (grain, sweets), as much fruit tho, as I can get, veggies, and a lot of animal fats. We’ve known for yerars a carnivor’s prevents diabetes. My weight is stable, but far too high yet, but it is coming down very, very slowly, and I’ve a lot more energy than when eating carbs. A major is eating no gluten. All sign of diabetes disappeared along with most allergies. One bad thing, I live in ranch country, and cannot find a canner (cow or steer over 3-years-old) to put in the freezer. We used to sell them at .50c lb liveweight, and now there are none! I can buy a stocker calf, tho, a buck a pound, but have no pasture, or grassfed beef for a small fortune. I will look up the book and read it it, but it sounds like everything I was raised with by traditionals.
        Be blessed


  2. rednig

    BTW: Obesity and diebetes became common because Daddy Warbucks had tons of wheat leaft over from WWII. The feds pushed anything made of wheat at the people to keep the price high for dem supporters. Yes, they knew wheat was not good if too much is consumed, but profit is god to them. Diebetes was once the rich man’s disease, because the wealthy ate wheat, while most of us ate cornbread. Today, I can buy corn flour cheaper than I can corn meal. Is cool, I like it for sourdough.