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2018_08 07 Marine Two

Please pray for our newest grandchild who arrived this morning, 12 weeks early. His mama says, “He’s a spunky little dude, defying statistics and overachieving 😆😆😆.” Not too surprising, what with both of his parents being Marine war veterans. Continue reading


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This Is So Sickening

The man who never hid his utter contempt for the nation he was handed control of continues to be showered with the praise he cannot live without.

Obama Gets New Peace Prize Despite Hundreds Of Civilian Casualties In Drone Strikes

The former president was named a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope laureate Monday. The award honors those who “work toward a more just and peaceful world.” The RFK nonprofit tweeted that it is “honored to present Barack Obama” with the award.


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Vive la différence

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