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WATCH why this lifelong black entitlement queen decided to #WalkAway from the “Democrat Socialists of America.”


CONCEALED CARRY HERO: On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at an event attended by more than 100 people, including dozens of children. A concealed carry holder stopped him. The gunman was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital after sustaining life-threatening injuries.

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MASCOT UPDATE: British Columbia is GORGEOUS!

Shortly before they got to Bear Glacier, they saw an actual bear. The toe of the glacier is visible from the highway on the way to Stewart.

They also visited the estuary boardwalk near Stewart, which extends half a mile out across the tidal flats at the head of Portland Canal, a 70 mile long fjord which forms a portion of the border Canada and the southeastern edge of the Alaska Panhandle. It’s a great place for viewing wetland plants and birds, as well as the adjacent mountains.

2018_08 05 Estuary boardwalk in Stewart BC

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