CNN Suffers from 3rd Degree Butthurt

This is bad, and it’s alarming that people dislike the media this much. On the other hand, I do wish media orgs were remotely self-reflective about why they’re so disliked and tried to address it instead of acting so defensive.
Jim Acosta Assured Wolf, “CNN is NOT Fake News”

‘Move, Jim!’: CNN’s Acosta Pretty Much Told To Get The Hell Out Of The Oval Office (Again)
Here was another instance where White House staffers had to more or less tell Acosta to get the hell out of the Oval Office. It was a press spray event.

Fake news exists. The liberal media establishment is anti-Trump and cannot be trusted period. And please, the press is not under threat like they are in under authoritarian governments. They just don’t like a president who fights back. They’ll just have to get use to it.


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    CNN’s Acosta Fact-Checks Trump Supporters Saying ‘CNN Sucks,’ ‘Fake News’: ‘All of Those Things Are False


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    CNN’s Zeleny Complains About Not Being Called on, Rips Other White House Reporters for Not Asking About Mueller


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